With 2BDB2/VSAM virtually no changes to your application programs are necessary. In fact, 2BDB2/VSAM will function with VSAM application programs for which the source code is unavailable or is unreliable. Because 2BDB2/VSAM intercepts calls dynamically at execution time, access to the source code is not required.

2BDB2/VSAM operates in both the BATCH and CICS environments.

By converting VSAM datasets to DB2 using the 2BDB2/VSAM transparency you can achieve all the benefits of a DB2 environment without having to undertake the considerable programming and testing effort of converting your existing VSAM application programs.

These are some of the tangible benefits that you will realise by converting to DB2.

  1. Provide forward and backward recovery for VSAM applications using standard mechanisms
  2. Overcome the physical size constraints of VSAM datasets
  3. Overcome the difficulty and CPU costs associated with concurrent sharing of VSAM datasets between multiple online systems and batch applications
  4. Overcome the difficulty of sharing and serialising VSAM datasets in a CICSPLEX and Parallel SYSPLEX environment
  5. Approach a 24x7x365 system
  6. Enable VSAM data to be accessed from Web based applications
  7. Enable VSAM data to be accessed by Windows or Unix based applications in a distributed computing or client server environment.

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