Batavia Flying Fox Sanctuary is a 7 acre privately owned and operated flying-fox crèche and release facility adjacent to the Woodford Flying-fox colony. It is not affiliated with any wildlife groups and has its own rehabilitation permit WIRP15228014 issued by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Batavia was set up in 2010 by Gabrielle Friebe and Peter Richards to fill a much needed gap in the flying-fox rehabilitation process.

The purchase and renovation of the property and the construction of the crèche and release cages and other infrastructure was all privately funded.

Batavia is not a wildlife group and cannot have members, and as such has no fundraising capability. This means that the cost of feeding bats brought to Batavia for crèche and release needs to be negotiated prior to arrival of the bats.

Batavia will accept bats from any group or wildlife carer for crèche or pre-release conditioning. We "soft release" and provide post release support feeding.

Batavia Flying Fox Sanctuary
Batavia Flying Fox Sanctuary
The nightly fly-out of thousands of flying-foxes flies directly over the aviary.
Click here to View a map of Batavia and the Woodford colony 
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A beautiful paperbark creek flows through the property and continues on through the Flying-fox colony.
Flying-foxes from the colony frequently feed and roost in trees on the property.


As well as rescuing and caring for Flying-foxes, we are regularly called on to rescue microbats. Because of the difficulty of identifying microbat species we have put together this online key based on the work by Les Hall.


                                               Key to Identifying Bats in South East QLD