Batavia Flying Fox Sanctuary
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Creche and Release
As at September 2015, crèche costs $70 per bat. This covers all fruit and HP through crèche, release and support feeding following release. This cost are reviewed annually.
If we have adequate funds available from donations we will waive the creche fees whenever we can.
We will review every crèche application and determine whether crèche fees will be waived. This decision will be based on individual circumstances and the decision will be final.
We are not a group and have very limited ability to raise funds to cover the creche costs. Many groups receive donations and undertake their own fund raising activities and we expect that creche fees from members of these groups should be paid for by the group.

The calculated costs are the "best case" scenario. Experience has shown that a percentage of bats need to stay in crèche for more than one cycle because of various reasons such as sucking on other bats, inability to fly and so on. Fruit costs vary considerably from week to week and costs require some allowance for increases over the feeding period.

Costs are calculated using the following rules of thumb:
The table below shows how we calculate the costs. We then factor in 15% for increased fruit costs and extended support feeding to arrive at a figure of $70 per bat.
Long Grass Systems
Period Fruit HP Total
 4 weeks in Creche  $28 - 400g per day  $4.20 - 10g per day  $32.20
 1 week transition  $7 - 400g per day  $1.05 - 10g per day  $8.05
 6 weeks post release  $21 - 200g per day    $21.00
   $56  $5.25  $61.25
 Contingency (15%)  $70.45
Booking in
In order to allow us to plan creche and release dates and to manage our fruit and HP requirements we need bats to be booked in to creche as early as possible. Except in special cases we need a minimum of 6 weeks notice. We know that late babies always come in to care and so we will always try to accommodate these animals. However, if you have had your babies for 10 weeks and contact us 2 days before creche with a request to take half a dozen babies, we may not be able to assist you. Please let us know full details of any previous injuries to your bats so that we can take them into consideration during creche.
Please email us to request a creche booking by clicking here
Please note that unless creche fees have been waived all fees MUST be paid prior to arrival