Batavia Flying Fox Sanctuary
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Long Grass Systems
Outside feeders allow the released bats to be support fed for as long as required.
This part of the aviary is 2m high which makes it ideal for bats that need attention. It is planted with low shrubs.
The aviaries are lined inside with trawler netting and have small sections of metal roofing. This allows the feeders to be protected from the rain and gives the bats shelter from the sun
The main aviary is 10m x 12m divided into two sections. One side is 2m high and is primarily for crèche and rehab bats that need regular handling. The second half is 3m high and is for pre-release. This section of the aviary has a large opening hatch at one end to facilitate release. The construction is of welded steel on a concrete slab. Exterior is 12mm aviary mesh with an internal lining of trawler netting. The cage has taps and a sink on the outside and is fitted with sprinklers to deal with heat wave conditions.
New arrivals like to shelter in the corners
We invested in an electric fruit chopper after having to chop 80kg of fruit a day following the heat wave last year.
Purpose built spray unit to help the colony during heat waves.