Dead Flying Foxes
Managing Heat Stress Events in Flying Fox Colonies
Heat Stress Event Workshop,15th November 2014, RSPCA Wacol
As a response to the devastating heat stress event on 4th January 2014, Bats Qld and the RSPCA organized a workshop to offer training on how to handle a heat stress events in a bat colony to reduce deaths and limit the number of animals that are taken into care and how to triage and treat those animals once they are in care.
The workshop was attended by a wide range of interested groups from wildlife groups from as far away as Sydney, almost all of the SE Qld groups and others up to central Queensland as well as representatives from state and local governments.

The workshop was organised by Charmaine Brayley.
The presenters were Linda Collins, co-author of the definitive manual on managing heat stress, Dr Tania Bishop, wildlife vet at the RSPCA who has extensive skills and experience in working with heat stressed bats, and Dr Mandy Paterson, Principal Scientist RSPCA who covered the issues of zoonosis and PPE.
After the main speakers, a forum was held where there was a general consensus as to the need of a communication network to include all participants in a HSE and also the need to formalize a monitoring system for colonies, especially those colonies that have proved susceptible to a HSE.
The only downside to the day was the news of potential HSE happening in colonies to the north and west of Wacol and the subsequent need for some participants to leave to monitor the colonies.
Workshop Documents
The material from the workshop is available as pdf's via the links below. As more material relevant to heat stress events becomes available it will be added to the list so please occasionally revisit this site to check for more information.
Managing Heat Stress in Flying-fox Colonies by Sonya Stanvic, Viki McDonald & Linda Collins
The Management, Treatment and Physiology of Heat Stroke in Flying Foxes by Dr Tania Bishop
Videos of the presentation by Linda Collins
Heat Stress Documents
Justin Welbergen Presentation Canaries in the coalmine 3 July 2014 by Justin Welbergen
Heat Stress Checklist - by Judi Wood from WIRES mid north coast.
General Documents
MBRC Flying-fox Species Management Plan 2012 - Moreton Bay Regional Council
         (Advised by MBRC 15Apr15 that this document is no longer current)
AABR Ticks and tick borne diseases protecting yourself - Australian Association of Bush Regenerators
Videos of the presentation by Dr Tania Bishop
Long Grass Systems
Heat Stress Event Planning, 1st November 2015, Batavia, Woodford
The weather bureau is predicting a very hot and dry summer with much higher than average temperatures starting in November 2015. This means that there is a very strong possibility of one or more heat stress events in bat colonies in SE Queensland. There was a heat stress event in November 2014 at Caboolture and Casino.
Bat carers need to be prepared with the latest colony management techniques and equipment in order to reduce the fatalities resulting from a HSE.
The workshop was organised by Charmaine Brayley and Gabrielle Friebe.
Heat Stress Plan for Woodford Colony by Charmaine Brayley and Gabrielle Friebe
The planning morning was open to
The aim of the morning was to