Our software takes the paperwork headache out of managing your practice and includes Client details & treatments, Appointments, Stock, Prescriptions, Invoicing, Administration and Professional information.
Suitable for Naturopaths, Herbalists, Iridologists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Aroma Therapists, Bowen Therapists, Nutritionists and other natural therapy disciplines.
Available in 'stand alone' for a single practitioner or 'fully networked' for the multi practitioner, multi discipline practice.
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Why choose NaturalTherapist/Pro?
  1. User friendly
  2. Comprehensive practice management software
  3. Reasonable price
  4. Free 30 day trial
  5. Support is free 0900-1700 Australian eastern standard time
  6. Enhancements are free and downloadable from our website
  7. We listen to you. Want to see something in the program? Let's talk about it
NaturalTherapist/Pro Version 4
A full featured practice management system designed specifically for complementary medicine practices.
I just wanted to express my appreciation for your excellent product Natural Therapist Pro. I started using your original program Herbalist Pro which I found to be an excellent product for a small Naturopathic and Herbalist practice. The later upgrades have only improved things and the latest - Natural Therapist Pro, which allows additional modalities to be added - is a very useful and easy to use clinical management tool. The Herbal database alone is worth the money and an awesome resource for any Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. The ability to develop your own Nutrition and Conditions database will benefit anyone who takes advantage of the facility. I know of no other practice Management software that incorporates these tools.
I was one of your first users and when we had some problems you went above and beyond to resolve them. I am also grateful that when we discovered that all the problems were caused by my ancient computer system, you were very nice about it. Since I have moved my computing out of the 19th century I have had no problems. I appreciate the way you were receptive to ideas and requests for changes and additions to the program to make it more useful. It is rare to get IT people who actually listen to what the user has to say and even rarer to have someone who actually tries to make the program fit the client not the other way around.
I am more than happy with the product and that you have kept the price for this investment to a level that most new and small to medium practitioners can afford. Having said that I believe that the software can benefit even larger practices and multi discipline, multi location practices too. Keep up the good work.
John Miller-Crispe ND, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist
I would like to thank the Team at Natural therapist pro for their amazing software.
It is fantastically priced and the tech team is always available to enhance any features or assisting in resolving any problems. I highly recommend this to all practitioners. I am currently using this software in my two clinics and do believe it is one of the tools that has helped me succeed.
Plenty of tools from birthday reminders, patient database, stocktake, acupuncture and rehab pictures, to iridology maps and much more.
A. Passarelli N.D
I've been a practitioner of Traditonal Chinese Medicine and a Sports Therapist for the best part of 12 years. Up until recently I have managed my client records and business affairs by pen and paper and thought it time to enter the age of technology. This led me to the search for a computer program to suit my line of profession, for both client info and business management. I discovered by chance NaturalTherapist/Pro online and made some enquiries. Gabrielle was most helpful in explaining to a somewhat computer illiterate, the usefulness of her program and how it will benefit my practice. After buying the very affordable program, I have found it most useful and suitable to my needs and Gabrielle has also been easily contactable for any queries I may have had with the application. I have no hesitations in the recommendation of this user friendly program for any one in the profession of Natural Therapies.
Jamie Clyne, Adv Dip in Sci. Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine. Sports Therapist/Remedial Therapist