Therapist/Pro 4.1
Therapist/Pro now comes in two versions.
The "Desktop" version is designed to run on desktop PCs running either microsoft Windows or Apple OSX.
The "Web" version provides the same features as the desktop version but is designed to be installed on your website and accessed via a web browser on any device that has an internet connection.
Therapist/Pro Desktop
The desktop version is designed to run either on a single PC or on a number of PCs sharing a common database across a local area network (LAN).
NaturalTherapist/Pro has all the features you would expect of a practice management system as well as many unexpected and time saving features. Enjoy a totally paperless office, SMS appointment reminders, email newsletters at the touch of a button, store blood tests and other external client tests, report on just about anything, send birthday reminders, make sure your data is safe and the list goes on. Available in Windows and MAC (March 2011). The main modules are:
  • Client Care System
  • Appointment management system
  • Herb database containing details of over 300 herbs
  • Conditions database
  • Administrative tools
  • Stock control & Prescription dispensing
  • Invoicing
  • Automated SMS appointment reminders
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