WildMan/PC version 2 Now Available!

The totally rewritten PC version has loads of new features and will receive regular updates and enhancements. It runs on both Windows and Apple mac and has the same look and feel as the web version.

WildMan has the ability to export animal records and then import them on another PC or import them to the web based version. This allows members of a group who already use the web version to maintain their records offline and periodically upload individual animals to the internet.

Users who have data in version 1 of the Animal Records (stand alone) system can import all of their data directly into WildMan version 2.

Because of the huge amount of work that has gone into writing this system, we now charge $49.95 for the PC version.

Download a 30 Day free trial for Windows (46M).

Download a 30 Day free trial for Mac OSX 10.6 and above (43M).

Download the users guide (included when you download the trial).
To purchase a license for WildMan version 2 please visit our online store.
If you have previously downloaded and installed WildMan the updates below will upgrade you to the latest revision level.
Whats new in this release
2.1.9 Move Database to ProgramData folder on Windows 10
2.1.8 Fix errors in Species Growth Rate Admin
2.1.7 Add Grey Kangaroo feed chart to reports
2.1.6 Add Victorian DSE report, add rehab license number to settings, allow non-update queries in RUN SQL
2.1.5 Add log display, debug ON and Run SQL to file menu
2.1.4 Fix problem when non-numeric characters are entered as part of a weight
2.1.3 Support File Open and File New for multiple Databases
2.1.2 Fix problem with quotes in a group name
   Fix error in feed calculator if non-numeric characters are entered in the  weight field
   Empty filter causes errors in reports
   Allow the group logo to be stored in the database 
   Move log file on windows systems so that "Run as Administrator" is not required
WildMan - Wildlife Management System
A comprehensive Wildlife Management System designed specifically for wildlife rehabilitators.The web version of the system is made available free of charge to wildlife groups on the sole condition that they do not sell it or charge anyone else for its use.

The system comes in two versions.
The web based version
The web based version is designed to be installed on your own website and shared by multiple people. It has been running on our website for more than 10 years and is constantly being improved. We provide the web based version free of charge to wildlife groups.
If you want to try our Online Animal Records System, contact Long Grass Nature Refuge to request a sign-on to the web based version. This will enable you to log in to our demo system to explore the features of the web based version of WildMan.
The PC version
The stand alone version runs on a single PC and does not require internet access. This is the best option for users who do not have fast internet connections or do not need to share their records with other users.